VeriSmart is a regulatory technology platform creating a Global Trust network, which is enabled by AI and blockchain based unique Digital ID. A Digital ID which consist of multiple data points for instant authentication, verification and user profiling and used for smart on-boarding process for any product/service, lending, instant KYC compliance and AML check. It also provides Prediction related to custom credits, loan, insurance, product signups and other requirements of individual.

AML Check
Anti money laundering check is done across 102+security agencies SWIFT

Quick Cognitive assessment
Quick Cognitive assessment of Profile based on Social and Financial

Auto fill feature
Auto fill feature will auto populate the forms for the user, Saving time and building better consumer experience

Uniq-ID based Instant transaction Verification for Smart City Payment Process

Instant Bank Verification
Verifies bank accounts real time across 42+ banks. Get the real time status and other analytical information.

Signature verification
Real face analysis Biometric and Signature verification for Smart contracts

Multi Point authentication
Getting Multi Point authentication over blockchain with all security.

Predict User Behavior
Predict User Behavior.Predict User Behavior.Predict User Behavior.