smart mimic

Smart Mimic makes your things smart by placing mimic on or into them with one device. For example, your door can detect when it’s forced, your bag can detect if someone is trying to open it, or your bike can be smart by placing mimic onto it. Smart Mimic offers users over 50 different use cases with a single device.

Mimic Plus
Ultimate immediate security solutions with a single device. Mimic Plus has 4 powerful sensors inside that can be set according to your needs. Do you have a specific problem ? Simply set sensors with IFTTT and share your solutions with other customers.

Attach it in a purse or a stroller, in a backpack or a jacket, and get an instant alarm on your phone or smartwatch the second it moves. Mimic-ki also has a strong built-in speaker that will let everybody nearby know if someone is touching your belongings.