Increase your safety, reduce your vehicle costs with Ottoo.

My Beloved Ones Are Safe
With Ottoo family mode, you have instant information about the status of your loved ones in traffic and you can move around comfortably in planning of your everyday life. Enjoy instant accessibility to information.
My Vehicle is Safe
Ottoo instantly notifies you and shares location information if your vehicle is towed or stolen. Once you park your car, your mind will never stay on it, you will thank to Ottoo and easily focus on your work.
Breakdown and Maintenance
With Ottoo, you can see the breakdown details of your vehicle, reach the closest service and even get preliminary prices. You can save money by taking advantage of continuous discounts with contracted service locations.
Valet Mode
Using the valet mode, you will be informed when your vehicle exceeds the distance and speed limit that you specified once you deliver your vehicle to a valet and monitor the movement from live map.
Fuel Saving
You can see your vehicle’s information on total distance and fuel consumption, reach safer, more economical and environmentally friendly driving pleasure with comprehensive analyzes.
And Many More
Many features such as insurance discounts, petrol station campaigns and emergency notifications ensure a safer driving and reduce your vehicle expenses.