Mapplico provides instant native iOS & Android e-commerce apps for the companies through the Cloud platform with SaaS model.

Quick Setup
Launching your iPhone&Android apps and also integrating with your existing e-cart in minutes is available.
Easy Launch
You can launch your mobile site and native iPhone&Android apps with your brand by just following the setup wizard easily.
Budget friendly solutions for your business with monthly subscription. Just choose your subscription model from our pricing list without any high development and maintenance costs.
We are developing e-cart integrations as many as possible for your needs. No matter what you use at the moment.
Just Mobile
Don’t have an e-commerce website? Start from scratch. Without and e-cart integration you can still have your e-commerce mobile website and iPhone & Android apps and start your business in a few steps.
No Maintenance
Just focus on your business, we will take care the rest for you. No need to worry about maintenance and hosting costs because we provide Software as a Service solution for you with no trouble.