While the first couple of weeks introduced the US market as foreign, deep waters for the teams, now it’s easy to see how all teams are ready to dive deep head first. Marking the 17th week of our program with guests, deep dives and interviews, the waters of the Valley don’t seem so foreign anymore.

One of the highlights of the week was doubtless the visit from Farshad Owji, the managing immigration attorney at Owji Law Group in San Francisco, as well as a member of the board of governors in American Immigration Lawyers Association. It was exciting to connect with Farshad, especially for our Turkish teams who found out Farshad served in the UNHCR Branch Office in Ankara, Turkey and later became a member of the Istanbul Bar Association in Turkey. Owji Law group runs based on the understanding that the best employees need not be found only in the US. Their philosophy supports that in the private sector, especially in the field of technology, hiring the best possible candidates for the job is critical to stay in the global competition and economic advancement. The company recognized that a “large pool of highly-qualified workers can be found abroad”, and, thus, works to provide support for these individuals in their business endeavours in the US as business immigrant.

Farshad’s experience in business litigation, investment visas and employment-related immigrant and non-immigrant visas was extremely significant for our teams. His work involves guiding startups like ours to make well-informed immigration decisions in order to establish targeted growth and traction in the US market. After a conversation on visas acquired by entrepreneurs and startup owners, Farshad took the time to have individual sessions which each one of our teams. We really appreciated his insight and guidance.

Another excitement development was CNN Turkey’s visit to our office on Wednesday. Representing the “Technology Everywhere” program, Ahmet Can conducted extended interviews with the Turkish startups. Technology Everywhere investigates details about up and coming technology news, focusing on technology that supplies for our needs and even dreams, opening up our horizons to the new and transformed world. Ahmet Can serves as the technology editor and reporter for two of the biggest journalism and media companies in Turkey: CNN Turkey and Hurriyet. His insights and observations based on the interviews he had with Codela, SmartMimic, Teleporter, Optiyol and Buck.ai will be released in an article and a video-documentary this Saturday. It’s always riveting to experience how the world is wanting to follow and keep up with the progress we are making as a program through our startups.

Leaving a fulfilling and rewarding Week 17 behind, its not hard to observe the enthusiasm in the office atmosphere for the weeks to come!